The Hand Drawn Photo Booth is a pretend photo booth "machine" operated by an artist. The exchange is performed through a faux photo booth facade imitating a photo machine. The subject sits across from the artist where they strike and briefly hold 4 poses. Their likeness is quickly drawn in 3-5 minutes and delivered through the slot marked "photo out"; complete with mouth-powered sound effects.  

Based in Salt Lake City, UT.

Rent for events: We will dispatch an artist (or artist of your choice) to your party to draw portraits. All images are scanned and archived- we can send you a copy of the scans for free! Options for custom name stamp, costumes/props, and protective sleeves are also available. 

Please submit questions or party requests below. 

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The photo booth idea was conceived  in 2011. Natalie Allsup-Edwards, the originator and first ever operator of the booth, began drawing portraits at the Farmer's Market in Downtown Salt Lake City. After graduating from the University of Utah she has been improving and expanding the concept. Due to her entrepreneurial tendencies and a joy to share the fun, she has grown the operation to include other performing artists. 



Natalie Allsup-Edwards


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